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October 15, 2018

Dear Mari

I am so grateful for your treatment and the time and care you've extended to me these past couple months. After being involved in a serious motorcycle accident a number of years ago, my hip and leg pain were to the point I could hardly walk. The pain has progressively gotten worse over the years and after continuously hearing from doctors (and there have been several over the years) that the only possibility for relief was invasive surgery or an enormous quantity of pain pills, or hearing that's just what happens as we  age - I decided to seek alternative options.

My wife is a hypnotherapist, so alternative medicine is not new to me. I was not skeptical going in about acupuncture helping to some degree, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised at how soon I experienced relief. After just 3 visits, I am almost completely pain free! My wife is even going now too.

I highly recommend anyone seeking relief; who've not reached a level of care from Western medicine, please go see Mari.


Benny & Thea

Thea I. McKinney

Administrative Lead

Office of Admissions - Jefferson College of Health Sciences

101 Elm Ave SE Roanoke VA 24016

August 28, 2010


Dear Mari,


I was out on medical disability for 2 months before coming to see you, suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches and the inability to focus. Compounding this was the addition of menopausal hot flashes in the weeks just prior to seeing you. I was totally unable to handle the stress of everyday life. After following the doctor's instructions to the letter with minimal improvement I was frightened. My super woman cape had never failed me before, this was not "me", and I needed to get back to work. I knew something had changed in my body and I realized I would have to figure it out. In my search for answers acupuncture was recommended to me. I had never thought of acupuncture and had no expectations as to whether it would work for me but knew I had to give it a try.


You immediately made me feel comfortable and confident. I left feeling worse but by that evening I could see improvement. When I saw my doctors they were amazed by the difference they saw in me. As an RN I have seen first-hand the shorcomings of Western medicine but never knew the power of Chinese medicine until now. I would like my entirre family to see you and I recommend your practice daily. You are very fortunate to be able to provide such powerful healing. Thank you Mari for giving me my life back!


Sincerely, JP

    Dear Interested Parties,
 I began treatment with Mari Mengarelli about six years ago shortly after I retired at age 65 after 34 years of full time college teaching.   At that time, I couldn't go shopping with my daughter and grand-daughters because I couldn't walk through more than one store without stopping to let the extreme pain in my hip subside.  I had been diagnosed with  osteoarthritis, and my rheumatologist directed me not to walk, do yoga, or stand for any length of time.  I was extremely frustrated by my limited activities. 
     In addition, The University of Virginia had diagnosed bronchiectasis, a chronic lung disease which had left me vulnerable to pneumonia, which I had contracted about five times a year for the past four years. I was declining at a rapid pace.
     I will always be grateful to the very old and dear friend who recommended Dr. MengarelliAfter a few months of acupuncture, I was experiencing much less pain and was even able to take some short hikes.  I was able to delay the inevitable hip replacement for six years, and even though my surgeon said the hip joint was on the verge of total collapse, I was never in the extreme pain most hip replacement patients experience
     Even more amazing, Dr. Mengarelli's treatments and Chinese tea have gradually reduced the frequency of pneumonia attacks.  She developed a preventative treatment program for me that has warded off pneumonia for at least two years even though bronchiectatsis is a chronic, incurable disease.  I didn't even have a cold last winter, which is most irregular for me.  When I told my pulmonary specialist at UVA about my good health, he was fascinated. 
     Dr. Mari is skilled in the ancient practice of acupuncture and Asian medicine and she is an intuitive healer.  I highly recommend her to all my friends and family.  E. Scott




My name is Cathy and I'm fifty years young. I have chronic pain in my left shoulder and numbness in my left foot. I have had to live with the pain for years. I could not get any relief from Western medicine. Their solution was surgery or pain pills. I can not live on pain pills. I've known Dr. Mari since high school. I trust Dr. Mari because she is caring, a good listener and a smart woman. I put my pain in her gentle hands. I only received two sessions but the absolute euphoria I felt during and after the acupuncture sessions, you just want everyone to feel that carefree. I was able to work painfree and it was wonderful. Shortly after the needles had been placed, I started to feel a warm, tingly sensation in my feet. I could feel my toes, my feet were warm over every inch. I had not felt my feet so alive in a very long time. I could feel the pain flowing out of my shoulder, being released! All these positive results in only 2 sessions! I can not wait to see her again.  I recommend Dr. Mari Mengarelli with every bone in by body!! She is very skilled and very caring!


Thank you, Dr. Mari.

Cathy Miles


Dear Mari,


I am so very grateful for your treatment plan and care over the last few months. After exhausting all other possibilities to help me recover from the effects of severe food poisoning twelve years ago, I put my last hope in acupuncture and you have not disappointed me! I only wish I had found you years ago when time after time internists and gastroenterologists were not able to give me any successful treatment or medications. I had no idea then that my fatigue was part of the symptoms, and that there was help. Your professionalism and sincerity made me feel at ease which allowed me to focus on getting well. I know you had my best interests at heart.


I would like to commend you on your skill at communicating with me throughout my treatment so that I understood what you were doing and how it would help me. You always made sure that I was comfortable and that the treatment did not cause me any pain. Most of all, you had compassion for my situation, and I could tell that it was from your core, not something you learned from your studies.


I wish you the best that life has to offer for you surely deserve it! I feel honored that I had the chance to know you and would be glad to recommend you to anyone considering receiving acupuncture treatment. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my health.



Sandra Vreeland


Dear Mari,


A good acupuncture treatment begins with your inviting smile. Your "caring" practice of Oriental Medicine has give me a positive and pleasant experience with acupuncture.


Having been bothered with vertigo for several months, your skill as a practitioner demonstrated what wonderful healing is to be had within the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As you know, I had been to Western doctors and relief from the vertigo was not attainable. With each of my visits to your clinic I found the vertigo was lessening and by the end of the fourth visit the vertigo was totally gone. I am happy to say that the vertigo has not returned since that time.


In the past, the vertigo lasted as long as a year without any relief. Your treatments were effective and painless. You have convinced me of the efficacy of Chinese medicine and with your guidance and treatment I have begun to notice subtle to major changes in my health. Your diagnosis, prescriptions and counsel have assisted me in balancing my well-being.


Thank you, Mari for all of your insight and caring.


Yours truly,

Kathy Klimatis


I had fairly severe pain in my right shoulder, which was diagnosed as arthritis, torn labrum and torn rotator cuff via MRI. I also had moderate pain in left shoulder as well as both elbows. I tried acupuncture as a "last resort" to surgery, and was skeptical at first. It took about 3-4 weeks to make me a believer!

The pain in my  right shoulder is virtually gone on a day to day basis and I have no pain in my left shoulder. My elbow pain has been reduced significantly. Getting out of severe pain has made a major improvement to my quality of life! Thank you!!

Yes, I would feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Mari Mengarelli DOM LAc. I have referred several friends to Mari.


Eddie Link